A Safer Ride - Your Life Matters

  • No creepy drivers!
  • Mandatory FBI screens.
  • Driver interviews.
  • Random drug tests.
  • DashCam stream.
  • Emergency panic button.
  • 20+ safety features in – app.

Higher Driver Pay - Better Benefits!

  • Drivers make 10-15% more than the competition – All the Time.
  • BETTER insurance options for drivers.
  • Auto Repair/Maintenance Plans.

Human Touch

  • Give us a call any time!
  • We care about what you think!
  • Help us make your ride awesome every time!


Safer Rides, Better Experiences
ScoopM is a rideshare company that puts safety first. We value both the rider and the driver. We employ superior technology and process to ensure the safest, most convenient rideshare experience possible.


As a rider, you can rest assured that your driver has been thoroughly screened and verified. Every driver is required to do an FBI level background screen.


As a driver, you can expect to be paid more, treated more equitably, and covered more comprehensively.


Existing rideshare companies have very little concern for the driver or the rider. They are only concerned with making money off of the transaction. We are here to change that concept and deliver a best-of-service experience in rideshare. Our goals are to:

  • Eliminate all forms of crime, harassment, and inappropriate behavior during and after the ride.
  • Increase accountability at all phases of the trip (check out our video below).
  • Adequately cover all parties in the event of an accident.
  • Deliver a top-notch ride share experience, end to end!
  • Guarantee a safe experience, especially for minors and women.

Unique Features

  • Panic Button

    If you are ever uncomfortable about your driver, hit the panic button and all your key contacts including authorities, will be contacted.

  • Video Surveillance

    Capture video of your ride and send to a trusted contact.

  • Driver Likes

    Like or Dislike. Pretty Easy!

  • Better Coverage

    Better Insurance and better rider benefits.

  • Safe for Minors

    You can trust us transporting your loved ones (young and old) to their destination – guaranteed.

  • Customer Obsession

    We are obsessed with what you think about us!

  • The Panic Button

    If there is ever an emergency during the ride – press and release the panic button. We will handle the rest!
  • Video Surveillance

    In-App Video Surveillance. Saved to the Cloud.

  • Driver Likes

    Like or Dislike your driver? Simple yet powerful!

  • Call Us Any Time !

    No hassle, pick up the phone and we’ll be there!

  • Full Rider Coverage

    Rest assured that in an accident, you are well covered!

  • Pick Your Driver

    You are the valued customer. Pick who you want to drive you to your destination!

Available on App Store and Google Play

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Quality is Our Obsession!

You talk, We'll Listen!

This app is built for Riders and Drivers!  We will do our best to take care of both and go above and beyond!

Quality over Quantity

Our competitors are racing for volume and numbers. ScoopM is focused on making every customer interaction a great one!

No Creepy Drivers

We have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior that so frequently happens with our competitors drivers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don’t like your experience? Let us know and we’ll make it right!

How It Works

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Brooke Explains What We're all About

Marketing spokesperson Brooke Hummel explains her personal experiences and why ScoopM is such a great platform!

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